IP Camera Systems

STOP Alarms brings you an advanced IP video surveillance system that includes virtual matrix switching and a display that enables the deployment of sophisticated surveillance solutions for remote and centralized monitoring. Keep track of all your business locations from one fully-integrated system.



iPad Mobile Security Software

How does IP Video Surveillance work?

The exacqVision server hardware is installed at your location(s) and has the flexibility to integrate with both existing cameras and new. In fact, you can use legacy analog security cameras alongside the new IP based digital cameras. This meshed approach makes it an easy and painless transition from an old system to a new exacqVision system. Once the hardware is installed at your location(s) you can download and use free software which allows you to monitor any camera from any location.

Multiple locations. Multiple Cameras. Software that lets you choose what to view.

Choose between preconfigured video surveillance systems that simplify and speed up the selection and installation process OR have a fully customized solution specific to your unique situation. Free software designed specifically for the task allows you to select any cameras from any location and view one screen. The software is available for desktop & mobile devices including: iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Android Phones, and Tablets.

Features include:

  • Easy to use
  • Connect to multiple servers simultaneously
  • Uses existing user account privileges
  • Supports SSL when activated on exacqVision server
  • View, Search, Playback
  • Trigger and alarm activation and assessment
  • View cameras from multiple servers on one screen
  • Intuitive search
  • View recorded video from any camera
  • Scrub bar for recorded video
  • Full Live & Preset controls on PTZ cameras
  • “Pinch Zoom” on live video and playback video
  • Swipe from page to page of saved layouts and camera views
  • Recall Views and camera layouts saved on server
  • Mobile apps for iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad & Android Phones & Tablets

Manage Cameras on an iPhone

The extensive feature set available with exaqVision such as its live view, search and playback, alarm activation, and its seamless integration of both analog and IP video cameras, make it a perfect solution for taking the management of your business to the next level.

Use IP Video Surveillance In:

  • Schools, Universities and Churches
  • Healthcare
  • Banking
  • Retail
  • Manufacturing
  • Distribution centers
  • Transportation
  • Airport
  • Construction
  • Homeland Security
  • Home Monitoring

Stop Alarms is a Memphis based authorized partner with exacqVision, the provider for this revolutionary IP video surveillance system.

Team Member Spotlight

Don Kirkpatrick Senior security system technician

Don Kirkpatrick is our senior security system technician and has been with Stop Alarms for over 25 y ...

Don Kirkpatrick

Senior security system technician

Don Kirkpatrick is our senior security system technician and has been with Stop Alarms for over 25 years. He is licensed and certified with multiple states. Don has a vast amount of experience with most every security system in the industry today. He stays up-to- date with the newest technology in the security industry. Don will go above and beyond to make customers happy. In his 25 plus years, he has built a relationship with the customers and often requested. Don is a great asset to the Stop Alarms team.


"Stop Alarms services our preschool with cameras inside and out. We also use their fire and alarm systems. We feel safe knowing that even if we are away from the center, Stop Alarms is still on duty." ...

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  • U.L. License # S24417
  • TN Alarm License #289
  • AR Alarm License # E0138
  • MS Alarm License # 15006684
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