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Videofied is a battery operated security camera with an outstanding 2-year battery life. When the device detects motion, it will shoot a 30 second video clip of the event and send the clip via cellular channel to live Central Station operators. An operator can then dispatch authorities to the crime in progress.

Below are actual videos that were verified as each crime occurred.


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iVision IP Video Surveillance


Gate Access Monitoring

A home owners association uses four outdoor cameras to monitor and record license plates for identification.


Backyard Monitor

This camera is used by a homeowner to monitor and record the activity outside their back door.


Manager’s Office Surveillance

See an employee “borrow” merchandise from the managers office without permission. Video is transmitted offsite via a DSL modem.


Mobile Surveillance

A moving vehicle combines an i3120 (wireless camera) with a 3G broadband router. Take a innovative trip along the famous Las Vegas strip. Security Video via an iPhone App Security iPhone App

See how the iPhone App from allows you to view your home or business wherever you might be. All you need is an Internet connection. This video aired on a CBS affiliate in Atlanta. Security iPhone App

Here’s another news segment coving the iPhone App from This video aired on a CBS affiliate in Miami.

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